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Cities of hope: Tim Flannery on tackling the challenge of climate change

Prof Tim Flannery describes why, in the face of seemingly unstoppable global warming, cities could offer our best chance of averting catastrophe.

Working with the Pacific Islands on climate change

MSSI's Don Henry and Linh Do are attending the COP23 climate negotiations in Bonn...

Federal Government Cities Inquiry

MSSI, in partnership with Chancellery, has led a submission to the Federal Parliamentary inquiry into the Australian Government’s Role in the Development of Cities.

Challenging the vertical sprawl

The towers crowding out the centre of Australian cities are a symptom of failed governance and planning, and it’s threatening any transition to ecocities

Retrofitting suburbia

As cities continue their relentless sprawl, how do we retrofit existing suburbs to move toward a sustainable future?

Gifts that keep giving

Ecocity organisers and volunteers planted 1000 plants in lieu of gifts for Ecocity speakers.

Trump's Political Climate

President Trump is pulling the US out of the Paris Accord, but it appears international commitment to the landmark climate deal remains strong.

Users are the true innovators: lessons from bicycles

Prof Lars Coenen addresses the challenges of transport congestion by looking towards road users as the true innovators.